From the “first site” to the “demonstration zone”, Chengdu has been committed to building a park city demonstration zone of new development concept in the course of exploration and practice. Following the concept that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, Chengdu has taken the lead in creating good conditions for people’s life and work with modernized urban governance, and has become a city of innovation, openness, green, livability, sharing, wisdom, good governance and security.


Bamboo has always been an important image and symbol of Chinese traditional culture with its upright and unyielding posture, also its high-level and tough character. In ancient times, there was the poetic ideal of ‘a quite and secluded bamboo cottage’ and the noble character pursuit of ‘living with bamboo rather than meat’. The poetic and picturesque living environment created by bamboo and the tough spirit inherited by bamboo have been pursued by people for decades, which also fits well with the life aesthetics of Chengdu.


2023 Chengdu Park City International Garden Season and the 6th BFU International Garden-Making Week will be held in May 2023. The event aims to promote a craftsmanship spirit and cultivate professionals’ and students’ creativity through drawings, models and practices, the event will provide an opportunity to integrate material construction and artistic expression. We sincerely invite students and professionals in the field of landscape architecture and other related disciplines home and abroad to participate in the design and construction activities of the event this year.


活力花园——公园城市荟蓉城 活力大运致青春

Garden of Vitality – The Park City of Chengdu, the Universiade of Vitality and Youth



成都第31届世界大学生夏季运动会作为成都呈现给世界的青春盛典,将在2023年7月隆重上演。为提前营造大运会拼搏、激情、梦想的氛围,本届花园季的主题定为“活力花园——公园城市荟蓉城 活力大运致青春”。其将深植成都“创新创造、乐观包容、活力四射、别样精彩”的体育文化特质,展现公园城市繁花似锦的绿意脉搏、青春跳动的歌舞节奏、蓬勃生长的创意源泉。

The 31st FISU World University Games, a youth ceremony showcased to the world by Chengdu, will be staged in July 2023. In order to create an atmosphere of struggle, passion and dream for the Universiade, the theme of this year’s Garden Season is set as “Garden of Vitality”. The theme is deeply rooted in Chengdu’s sports culture characteristics of “innovation and creation, optimism and inclusiveness, vitality and wonderfulness”, showing the green pulse of the park city, the beating rhythm of youth and song, and the creative source of vigorous growth.




The “Garden of Vitality” is not about its lovely appearance, but about its inner vitality. Vibrant life, upward power and blooming enthusiasm are an extension of last year’s “Gardens of Dream” and a perfect interpretation of the “Garden of Vitality”, namely, infinite spiritual power. In line with the Universiade themes of “Youth”, “Green” and “Sharing”, the theme inspires youth and vitality and reveals the mysterious laws of nature with dynamism. Let’s get together in the garden season to enjoy the beautiful scenery, nourish our mind and build up our body.



本次竞赛鼓励设计者在有限的地块内,以竹材和花卉为主要材料,并可自行选择配合一定量的辅材,设计并建造一座展示植物与自然魅力的“活力花园”。设计者需充分尊重竹材的自然特性和施工技艺特点,使用定量的原竹、竹篾、竹片等材料,利用其空间延展性特征、材料不同排列方式和密度形成的强烈韵律感特征,探索竹作为主要结构材料、围合材料和装饰材料的多种可能性,寻找最适宜的呈现方式;同时,可以选择适宜的辅材配合竹材进行建构,并结合植物材料的运用表达出设计师对“活力花园——公园城市荟蓉城 活力大运致青春”这一主题的理解。

Participants are invited to design and build a small ‘Garden of Vitality’ showcasing the charm of plants and nature in limited space by mainly using bamboo, herbs and other materials in limited amount. Designers are encouraged to explore the various possibilities of bamboo as structural materials, enclosure materials and decorative materials on the basis of the natural characteristics of bamboo and the characteristics of its construction techniques, and to find the most suitable representation showcasing the theme. Bamboo materials, such as raw bamboo, bamboo splits, bamboo strips, etc., should be the main material. The strength ductility of bamboo and the consequent elasticity of the spatial structure, the ingenious joints caused by the limitation of natural materials, the various appearances and strong rhythm formed by the different arrangement and density of the materials… can be the basis for the design. At the same time, suitable auxiliary materials can be selected in concert with bamboo.




  • 第一阶段:方案设计征集、评选,确定入选名单;
  • 第二阶段:入选作品施工图绘制和可行性对接;
  • 第三阶段:现场建造、评奖、颁奖仪式及展览。

The event will include 3 phases:• Phase-1: Call for entries, jury review and shortlist selection.• Phase-2: Construction document preparation and feasibility negotiation.

• Phase-3: On-site construction, winner announcement, award ceremony and exhibition.






Guidance Organizers:Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, International Network for Bamboo and Rattan

Organizers:Education Committee of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, Beijing Forestry University, Chengdu Municipal Park City Construction and Management Bureau, Longquanyi District People’s Government of Chengdu

Executive Organizers:Chengdu Society of Landscape Architecture, School of Landscape Architecture in Beijing Forestry University, Park City Construction and Urban Renewal Bureau of Longquanyi District




The theme of the competition is ‘Garden of Vitality’, inviting all participants to build a garden with bamboo, herbs and other additional materials.The garden is located in the second phase of Yima River Park in Chengdu. As the core ecological green corridor area of Longquanyi District in Chengdu, Yima River Park is the most important link between the structure of “one mountain, one city and one heart” in Longquanyi District. With the positioning of “Painting scrolls of ancient roads and green corridors of ecology”, the space layout of “one corridor, three paths and nine posts” is created in the Yima River Park. “One corridor” is ecological restoration corridor in the Yima River Park; “Three paths” are the three characteristic routes; “Nine posts” are famous nodes on the ancient post roads in the history, such as Jinguanyi, Longquanyi and Zengzichang. Through the modern creative interpretation, the park has been built as a cultural park with Shu style and elegant charm. The park strives to practice the concept of park city construction with strategies of ecological restoration, slow traffic connection, scene construction, cultural inheritance to practice the concept of park city construction, and integrates the culture of “ancient posts”, displaying the splendid ancient customs, and conveying the cultural concept and confidence of vitality, openness, communication and sharing to the world. The garden design scheme can be combined with the “post culture” regarding Yima River Park.




Each garden covers an area within 20m², the organizing committee will locate these sites ahead of time and provide potted plants, but no open-field plants. Please check www.lalavision.com–Download Center to get more detailed site information and plant list.It is required to design a bamboo pavilion and its garden space. The coverage of the structure should not exceed the site area. The pavilion should be well coordinated with the garden, forming an integrated whole of garden space showcasing the charm of plants and nature.


1) About the pavilion: Use bamboo, or bamboo and optional auxiliary materials to build a structure, it should enable visitors to walk in or to participate. The structure should be no larger than the limited site area of 20m² (refers to the area of the projection, the shape of the site is not limited, please use the site space reasonably and efficiently) and the total height of the structure should not exceed 5m. Specific function and the corresponding form are suggested. The construction method should be simple and feasible, yet it should be safe and firm.2) About the bamboo: Optional bamboo materials include raw bamboo, bamboo splits, bamboo strips. The use of a large number of curved bamboos is not encouraged. Each scheme requires to complete the structure with the following bamboo material: no more than 30 raw bamboos (including 30), no more than 100 bamboo splits (including 100), and no more than 300 bamboo strips (including 300). The specific material specifications are as follows:



3) About other materials: In addition to bamboo, the team may use one or more other materials as supplementary materials (optional) . During the construction phase, supplementary materials will be purchased by the team, and the proportion of supplementary materials used should be limited within 30% of the total material (by volume).4) About the plants: It is required to fully reflect the charm and important role of plants in the garden. Please only use herbs and ground covers on the material list provided by the organizing committee; no other plant species and water features.5) Participants will be disqualified against the rules.




The competition opens to students at home and abroad (who could be undergraduate or graduate students studying landscape architecture and related majors, interdisciplinary team is encouraged). Each team should have no more than 6 members (including 6) and no less than 4 members (including 4) and one advisor. One can only join one team and each team should submit only one work, otherwise the group will be disqualified from the competition.The team member list of final construction stage would be consistent with the entry list of the competition and may not be changed. Each team should have no more than 6 members (including 6) and one advisor. All shortlisted entries must be built on-site by team members in person in the construction phase.




There will be 24 schemes being shortlisted for the final presentation and review, with 16 of those entering the construction phase. According to the site construction result, these works will be awarded with the first prize, the second prize and the third prize.In addition, there will be another 4 designer gardens structured with bamboo steel on the same exhibition with the final construction gardens on site. The theme and relevant requirements are the same as those of the student competition garden. Please stay tuned.





Before December 31th, 2022: Competition registration



扫码报名Scan to register


1) Call for entries with teams;2) Follow the WeChat official account ‘北林园林资讯’ (ID:beilinyuanlinzixun) and ‘风景园林杂志'(ID:LAmagazine),click on ‘阅读原文’ (Read more) on the competition notice page; or access the website of Landscape Architecture Journal (www.lalavision.com);or scan the QR code below to register.3) Registration Deadline: Please confirm advisors and team members no later than 23:59 (Beijing time) December 31st, 2022. Each team will receive a registration number then after.



Before January 31st, 2023: Scheme submit




1) Submission requirements:The design project should be presented on an A0 printed panel (841 mm high, 1189 mm wide) in landscape format, saved as JPG with a 300-dpi resolution. The maximum file size is 30MB in total. The panel should include the presentation of the scheme, the related images and descriptions. Use both English and Chinese (or only English). No author, advisor and institution information should be mentioned on the panel. The panel must be saved as a JPG and named as ‘registration number.jpg’, such as ‘045.jpg’.2) Deadline: January 31st, 2023

3) Please email the submission to:




Before February 19th, 2023: Entry review


The organizing committee will convene a jury to review all competition entries for their design creativity and construction feasibility, giving awards to the open call winning entries from which winning schemes will be selected for construction during the garden season.There will be 24 teams enter the final review, and 16 of those will be selected for the final construction stage. The first prize, second prize and third prize will be awarded according to the on-site evaluation of the construction outcome.



Before March 15th, 2023: Detailed design, revision and construction drawing


According to the suggestions of the jury and the cooperation companies, the organizing committee will require the finalisted teams to refine their schematic designs based on construction feasibility prior to the construction document preparation. The cooperation companies will provide technical supports to shortlisted teams until the completion of the construction documents.The winning entries should complete their construction documents and submit to the organizing committee in PDF form. Construction documents should be A3 printed documents, including plans, elevations, Ps, design and construction descriptions, design sizes, material specifications, construction details, prefabricated units, and schedules.



May 15 to May 18, 2023: On-site construction


1) Construction teams will attend the opening ceremony of the Garden Season in late May and then begin the construction work. The construction will take three and a half days.2) Construction requirements: All relevant technology and safety requirements should be met. A solid model in scale of 1:10 is needed for the construction phase.



May 19th, 2023: Jury discussion, award ceremony and exhibition


The committee will organize well-known experts as jury to review and review the construction result. Special guests will present certificates to the winning teams at the award ceremony of the Garden Season.







1) Participants agree on and adhere to the content of this notice as well as the competition rules, otherwise he or she will be disqualified. The competition organizing committee reserves the right of final explanation.2) Digital drawings should not contain any author and institution names or logos, entries which are not in accordance with the rules will be disqualified。3) The competition organizing committee reserves all the rights other than authorship, including but not limiting to distribution, exhibition, information network dissemination, publication, etc. The designers reserve the right of authorship.

4) All participants should ensure their submissions are original and have not been submitted to other competitions.

5) Participants cannot receive guidance from the competition jury, otherwise he or she will be disqualified.

6) Please note that the specific date of on-site construction and award ceremony may be adjusted due to force majeure factors.



电话:15712966956 李老师邮箱:contest@lalavision.comTel.:+86-15712966956



2023年成都公园城市国际花园季暨第六届北林国际花园建造周组委会2022年11月Organizing Committee of 2023 Chengdu Park City International Garden Season and the 6th BFU International Garden-Making Week

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